Our Story

Rincon Point, Carpinteria CA is the perfect surf spot to enjoy a freshly brewed cup coffee to check the waves

   (A typical day at Rincon Point, Carpinteria,CA)

rincón = “corner” in Spanish

To us Rincon is also synonymous with local. We are located in Carpinteria, California -- a small, farm and beach town that is known for being the home of the surfer’s paradise, Rincon Point.

At Rincon Coffee we value local both at home in Carpinteria and abroad. In Colombia we establish relationships with coffee growers in small, local communities.

This is our little corner of the world where we are bringing together small communities and sharing the local experience with each cup.



Carlos Peralta, Founder and Master Roaster

Carlos was born and raised in Chile. His interest in science and biochemistry shaped his education and led him to receive a BS and Masters in Biochemical Engineering from Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Valparaíso, Chile. In university Carlos met his best friend Sebastian Ortiz who is a third generation coffee grower at Finca La Paz in Nariño, Colombia. Both share a passion for engineering and knew that when the moment was right they would one day bring their passion together to create a business. It was only a matter of time.

 (Carlos working as an excursion guide on Easter Island, 2013)

 After university Carlos ventured to Easter Island for two years where he married his California-born-and-raised wife, Kristen, and they lived the adventure of their lives on this remote Polynesian island.


 (Kristen and Carlos on their wedding day at Anakena Beach, Easter Island)

 As their island adventure came to an end, Carlos and Sebastian found themselves in the perfect moment to begin their business.


SCAA fair 2015, Seattle WA 2015

 (Carlos and Sebastian at the SCAA event in Seattle, WA, 2015)

In 2014 Carlos immigrated to California. With Sebastian in Colombia and Carlos in California West Andes Imports, a green coffee importing business, was born. With the importing business underway, Carlos decided to expand his involvement in the coffee industry and begin roasting. Combining his studies of biochemical engineering and a new passion for coffee, Carlos started Rincon Coffee Roasting Company in 2017.


Narino, Casabuy, Finca La Paz, specialty coffee cherry(Carlos at Finca La Paz, Nariño, Colombia)

At Rincon Coffee we strive to improve the process from seed to cup. Thanks to our sister company, West Andes Imports, we are involved in every stage of the coffee bean process and able to offer the finest beans at the best possible price.

Join our coffee adventure from seed to cup!